Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fly Me To The Moon

This UFO assemblage piece was fun to do. It's created from a hodge podge of found objects that I picked up a few weekends ago. The body is made from what I think is some kind of light housing. The candle stand was perfect for it, since it already had a moon and sun incorporated into it and the "UFO" sat on top of it just right.

I added a golf tee to the top of it for an antenna, some random bolts, a string of beads around the edge and some sequins. I coated the entire piece with copper paint and then added a solution that gave it an aged, copper patina to it.

It ended up having a definite "steam-punk" look to it.

Here it is on the workbench, assembled but unpainted...

Here's the finished product:

Add a Hubble photo for a little atmosphere:

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