Monday, December 15, 2008

Step by Step: This One Wants to be a Blues Guitar

I've finally finished my blues guitar assemblage, "This One Wants To Be A Blues Guitar." You can read the story about it here. Here are some photos I took during the creation process that will give you an idea of what went into the project.

#1) The guitar. I got this from a guy on Craig's list who sold it to me for $10 because the back had a huge crack in it. It was the perfect shape and basis for my blues guitar assemblage.

#2) The pieces. I went through my collection of "treasures" and picked out some things I thought might work for this theme. Not everything would work into the finished piece.

#3) I start positioning and gluing the pieces that I think work. First I add some tin molds that I got from a second hand shop. They remind me of something that would be on an old guitar back in the 20s and 30s. Maybe I'll put something inside them. At this point, I can't decide, but I glue them on anyway.

#4) The dice I found work perfect. They are different sizes which after they are arranged, give the neck a cool perspective. I turn all the dice to the number 1 side and position them on the dots on the neck. They all add up to the number 7. I recall the lyrics to an old blues song about being the "seventh son of a seventh son." That works for me!

#5) I hand letter some random lyrics from a collection of Robert Johnson songs in blue acrylic paint and then outline them in very light blue.

#6) The finished product. I've added some Monopoly cards, painted and glued the wooden cross, added sequins, a framed photo of Robert Johnson, some angels...and I'm done. The dream is now a reality.


Vonster said...

Very cool. You need to have a few really close up pics though too.

SuperE said...

Really great work! I dig the hand lettering and the color contrast. However, I really want to know what the Monopoly cards say! Any revelation of their meaning to come? Keep treasure're striking gold!!

Beverly Kaye Gallery said...

How much fun is actually see the the progression of a work of art! And a very cool one at that.

Alicia said...

Very cool. I love the colors. Thanks for showing this step by step!

Cyndi L said...

Randy, fabulous work as always! It's great to see your projects in progress :-)

Hilary McCarthy said...

Fantastic, Randy!! Keep up the great work! Happy New Year to you, Dawn, Misterthecat et al.

Love Hils, xox

Contessa Kris said...

Beautiful beautiful new work! I love the use of the game pieces as I'm a hoarder of them as well. Especially fond of the hand at the top. Can't wait to see your next creation!

Beckye said...

That is really great, and fun to see it step by step. Love it!!